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The Story of Plush Moon Terrarium Co


At the heart of Plush Moon Terrarium Co. is me, Kiana, a passionate entrepreneur with an unwavering love for the beauty of plants. My journey into the world of terrariums was inspired by my academic background in animal science. I graduated from the University of Tennessee's Herbert College of Agriculture and while my studies often revolved around animals, I found myself equally drawn to the wonders of the botanical world.

My love for plants was not just a passing fascination; it became a personal mission. I've experienced the common struggle of overwatering and underwatering my own houseplants, a challenge that many of us can relate to. This sparked my determination to learn and master the art of plant care, which eventually led me to the mesmerizing world of terrariums.

While my goal is to become a veterinarian someday, my terrarium business, Plush Moon Terrarium Co, serves as a stepping stone toward achieving that dream. By sharing my passion for terrariums with others, I hope to not only inspire a deep appreciation for nature but also generate the support necessary to pursue my veterinary aspirations.

When I'm not meticulously crafting terrariums or caring for my thriving business, you can find me in the company of my two beloved cats and my charming axolotl. My free time is often dedicated to exploring the wonders of the natural world, where my fascination with plants and animals finds its truest expression.

My dedication, love for both animals and plants, and my dream of becoming a veterinarian are the driving forces behind Plush Moon Terrarium Co., where every terrarium creation is a testament to my passion and commitment to making the world a more beautiful and sustainable place <3.

-Kiana Owner, Educator of Plush Moon Terrarium Co

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